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  • 06/28/16--21:00: Court Notes 6/29/16
  • Getin Regep to Michelle L. Amos, $118,000; Rice Township.

    Lynn O’Donohoe et al. to William V. Blackwell, $137,500; Conyngham Township.

    Stephen Balberchak et al. to Carol A. Coolbaugh, $117,000; West Pittston.

    David K. Nieman et al. to Wyoming Valley Apartment LLC, $89,900; Forty Fort.

    John A. Zmiejko et al. to Diem Quynh Thi Tran, $172,500; Hazle Township.

    Larry L. Hartley et al. to Darren Echevarria et al., $123,000; Hazleton.

    Jason Trainor et al. to Bruce Eric Balliet Jr., $224,900; Butler Township.

    Michael E. Swaditch et al. to Nelson Spector et al., $144,300; Wilkes-Barre.

    Mary C. Gadomski v. Robert A. Gadomski.

    Tracy Sherrick v. David O. Sherrick.

    Ann Marie Chiogna v. Steven Reto Chiogna.

    Wendy Bobrowski v. Peter Bobrowski.

    Michael McNeal v. Nikki McNeal.

    Michael P. Shay v. Stacey D. Shay.

    John Polenik v. Maryann Polenik.

    Maria N. Godfrey v. Keith Godfrey.

    John Mendygral v. Kristy Mendygral.

    William Mumaw v. Lisha Mumaw.

    Mara Pawlenok v. Alan Pawlenok.

    Danielle Schwab v. Jason Schwab.

    Felix Charles Niedjaco v. Joan Helen Niedjaco.

    Maria A. de Jesus Carrasco v. Josue Perez.

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    ■ Matthew John Lee and Kalee Ann Reynolds, both of Clarks Summit.

    ■ Timothy Paul Cruz and Madison Mae Marinaro, both of Clarks Summit.

    ■ Kristin Maria Littzi and Michael Robert Stella, both of Dupont.

    ■ Brenda Michael Bonilla and Justo Paula-Martinez, both of Hazleton.

    ■ Alyssa Marie Adams, Scott Twp., and Kyle Gregg Drost, Nome, Alaska.


    ■ Michael J. and Barbara C. Berzite, Scott Twp., to Mary Cheng and Jong Su Choo, Clos­ter, N.J.; a property in Scott Twp. for $210,000.

    ■ Concept Properties LLC, Covington Twp., to Steven W. and Marianne J. Sizelove; two parcels on Main Street, Mos­cow, for $150,000.

    ■ Charlotte, Jeffrey and Doug­las Zellers, and Kimberly Oney, as joint tenants with rights of survivorship, to Swinka Realty Investments LLC, Blakely; a property at 114-116 Main St., Blakely, for $115,000.

    ■ Thomas E. Sr. and Roberta J. Pearce, Newton Twp., to Ran­dy and Concetta Beck, Scran­ton; a property at 5 Earl Drive, Newton Twp., for $190,000.

    ■ Ernest T. Holston, California, to Gregory D. and Sheila M. Stanton, Pennsylvania; a property at 102 Yale Blvd., Clarks Green, for $149,900.

    ■ Caliber Real Estate Servi­ces LLC, attorney-in-fact for LSF8 Master Participation Trust, Irving, Texas, to Jeffrey and Jac­u­lin Vanston, Jessup; a property at 402 Second Ave., Jessup, for $39,500.

    ■ KML Law Group P.C., attorney-in-fact for Fannie Mae, also known as Federal National Mortgage Association, Dallas, Texas, to Thomas Wilson; a property at 1929 Prospect Ave., Scranton, for $25,000.


    ■ Amanda DeLuccie, Dun­more, v. Ryan DeLuccie, Scran­ton; married Sept. 26, 2015, in Clarks Summit; pro se.

    ■ Christine Fick, South Abing­ton Twp., v. Bryan Fick, Arc­hbald; married Sept. 5, 1999, in Lackawanna County; Johanna L. Gelb, attorney.

    ■ Constance Filone, Clarks Summit, v. Andrew Filone, Mil­ford; married April 23, 1966, in Queens, N.Y.; Arthur F. Silver­blatt, attorney.

    ■ Gerald M. Langan, Clarks Summit, v. Linda J. Martinez, Clarks Summit; married May 15, 2014, in Lackawanna County; Lucille Marsh, attorney.


    ■ Jill and Edward Zindle, 641 Clifton Beach Road, Clif­ton Twp., v. William G. Bracey and Bracey’s Supermarket Inc., doing business as Bill’s Supermarket and Shoprite of Daleville, 921 Drinker Turn­pike, Covington Twp., seeking in excess of $50,000, plus interest and costs, for injuries suffered Nov. 29 in a fall on the defendants’ premises; Vincent S. Cimini, attorney.

    ■ Denise and Wesley Free­man, Box 341, 297 Main St., Apt. 2S, Nicholson, v. Ken­neth Wakeley, 15 Loxley St., Hanover Twp., seeking in excess of $50,000, plus costs and delay damages on two counts, for injuries suffered June 30, 2014, on Old Lackawanna Trail, near Green­wood Avenue and Win­ola Road, Clarks Summit; James M. Wetter, attorney.


    ■ George Sherman, also known as George A. Sherman Jr., 1859 Ferdinand St., Scranton, letters testamentary to Alan Sherman, 1668 Forest Acre Drive, Clarks Summit.

    ■ Frank John Kacvinsky Jr., also known as Frank J. Kacvinsky Jr., 529 Charles St., Throop, letters testamentary to Lisa Howell, 6348 Elderslie Drive, Charlotte, N.C.

    ■ Marie M. Marcinkowski, also known as M. Marie Marcinkowski, 1249 Rundle St., Scranton, letters testamentary to Joseph W. Sznyter, 831 N. Irving Ave., Scranton.

    ■ Helen P. Lashinski, also known as Helen L. Lashinski, 1022 Sumner Ave., Scranton, letters testamentary to Kath­leen Rejrat, 1125 Los Robles St., Scranton, and Mary Beth Williams, 7 Lindley Ave., P.O. Box 56, Factoryville.

    ■ Antoinette Brennan, also known as Ann Brennan, 227 Colburn Ave., Clarks Summit, letters of administration to Paul Brennan Jr., same address, and Carol Roncace, 401 Christian Lane, Wallingford.

    ■ Connie Degilio, also known as Connie A. Degilio, 3042 River Road, P.O. Box 114, Ransom Twp., letters testamentary to Sherry T. Pietrzykoski, 30 Birch St., Hudson Gardens, Plains Twp., and Candace A. Fenick, River Road, P.O. Box 71, Ransom Twp.


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  • 06/29/16--21:00: Court notes 6/30/16
  • Ruth J. Morgan to Stephen J. Balberchak et al., $80,000; Pittston.

    Robert C. Butler et al. to Crystal A. Harlan, $223,500; Wright Township.

    Thomas N. Becker et al. to Boyd T. Hoats et al., $215,000; Ross Township.

    Dennis W. Karlheim Jr. to Manik Miah, $115,250; Wilkes-Barre.

    Robert J. Deeble to Linda L. Newton, $105,000; Kingston Township.

    Allison E. Evans et al. to William P. Sukus et al., $182,000; Dallas.

    Randy C. Schoonover et al. to Robert G. Smith Jr., $200,000; Dallas Township.

    Mark D. Brush et al. to Paul Janssen et al., $188,000; Hazle Township.

    Dale R. Bortz et al. to Thomas A. Erchinger et al., $740,000; Rice Township.

    Ralph Schoettle et al. to Jill P. Hertel, $81,000; South Pioneer Avenue, Kingston Township.

    Robert G. Defant et al. to Walter Skawski, $113,500; Conyngham.

    James W. McCracken et al. to Carrie Ann Barr, $119,000; Sidehill Court, Sugarloaf Township.

    Durin D. Nika to Rumy Mejia, $100,000; Hazleton.

    David A. Spath et al. to Marianne L. Steeves et al., $215,000; Butler Township.

    Daniel G. Smith et al. to Kevin C. Dodson et al., $180,000; Kingston Township.

    Lawrence J. Loh et al. to David E. Roberts, $220,000; Kingston.

    Jared T. Stefanick et al. to Thomas Holden, $178,000; Butler Township.

    Memorial Shrine Park of Northeastern Pennsylvania Inc. to Martin D. Murray, $136,500; Franklin Township.

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  • 06/30/16--21:00: Court notes
  • Judge Tina P. Gartley, presiding over Luzerne County Domestic Relations Contempt Court on Thursday, ordered the following defendants jailed for failure to pay child support:

    Jayne Baran, c/o 181 Janhanna Circle, Hazle Township, $1,809; six months.

    Warren Wakefield, 3 Dundee Apt., Hanover Township, $519; 30 days.

    Warrants were issued for the following defendants for failure to pay child support:

    Joseph Lenahan III, 7 E. River St., Plymouth; $3,738.

    Frank Geklinsky, 78 Carey St., Ashley; $1,774.

    Anyone with information on those listed is asked to call the Luzerne County Domestic Relations tipline at 570-606-3000.

    Marian Knapp to Carla D. Schulz, $89,000; Pittston.

    Dorothea Brominski et al. to Wesley B. Manfre, $173,500; Church Street, Swoyersville.

    Edmond Hoxhallari et al. to Francisco Lizardo Constanzo et al., $120,000; West 15th Street, Hazleton.

    Vinay N. Shah et al. to Gabriel Gigliotti et al., $197,500; Hamilton Avenue, Kingston.

    Richard C. Heiser et al. to Kayla Brown et al., $221,500; Dallas Township.

    Benjamin Hoon et al. to Susan Sorbelli, $77,000; Plains Township.

    Richard A. Zabell et al. to Todd Barto et al., $260,000; Wright Township.

    Celia Marie Walsh et al. to Jaime A. Wong et al., $87,900; Hazleton.

    Thaddeus J. Richards et al. to Bonnie Padden, $111,900; Hanover Township.

    Konstantinos Patras to Enrique L. Douglas et al., $,71,000; West Hazleton.

    Ian Richardson et al. to Matthew P. Stretanski et al., $305,000; Jackson Township.

    Sharon L. Beeunas to Jennifer Lynn Schweizer et al., $138,000; Luzerne.

    Frances M. Villano to Andrew J. Koval et al., $70,900; Hanover Township.

    Sabrina Pall et al. to Ryan Wesley et al., $138,000; Wyoming.

    William M. Eck et al. to Lee Tripp et al., $182,000; Kingston Township.

    Lu-Ann Sperrazza et al. to Lindsey E. Heinzlmeir, $105,000; Exeter.

    Matthew P. Stretanski et al. to Ian Butterwick et al., $253,000; Dallas Township.

    Ryan Klemish et al. to Glenn Nunnermacker, $112,000; Duryea.

    Lee Tripp to Soumendra N. Banerjee et al., $160,815; Dallas Township.

    Robert Acacio et al. to Nicholas Giambra et al., $182,000; Exeter.

    Todd Barto to Patrick et al., $114,900; Luzerne.

    Ronald Weber et al. to Triple Rock Associates LLC, $100,000; Wilkes-Barre.

    Ryan M. Ermel to Michael Luebbert, $97,520; Ann Street, Duryea.

    Thomas J. Boyle et al. to Debra M. Cheremsak, $160,000; Ross Township.

    Daniel Handzo to Bonita Bradley, $239,000; Fairview Township.

    Nicholas Volpetti et al. to Dennis K. Bonvie, $350,000; Kingston Township.

    Dorothy H. Davis to Danny Davis et al., $102,000; Kingston.

    Marc Piccini et al. to Eagle Rock Resort Company, $99,775.75; Hazle Township.

    James Michael Black to Maria Y. Oreshkina, $215,000; Rice Township.

    Marilyn McCue to Walter L. Pavelitz et al., $121,000; Nanticoke.

    Luzerne County Redevelopment Authority to Market Square Properties Development LLC, $1,200,000; Wilkes-Barre.

    David A. Turner et al. to Walter Simko Jr., $84,800; Hanover Township.

    Brian Hammond et al. to Thomas Paciga, $81,000; Charles Street, Wilkes-Barre.

    Eric Konecke et al. to Hector Garcia et al., $95,400; Wilkes-Barre.

    Arnold Hardman v. Sharon Hardman.

    Sharon Sovyrda v. Mark Sovyrda Sr.

    Virginia J. Edmiston v. Jeffrey B. Edmiston.

    Kandra Brown v. Robert Brown.

    Kathleen Marie Lukaszewski v. Justin Lukaszewski.

    Michael Gavana v. Jeneen Gavana.

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    • Donald Gumpery, 1981 SR 247, Clifford; letters testamentary to Diane Pieski, 11 Countryside Drive, Hendersonville, N.C.

    • Edgar Baker, 606 Turnpike Road, Friendsville; letters testamentary to Louise Baker, 606 Turnpike Road, Friendsville.

    • Julia Barretta, Forest Lake Twp.; letters testamentary to Sandra Brown, 271 Road 6, Montrose.

    • Joyce Blaisure, 10652 SR 29, Montrose; letters testamentary to Cheryl Chevarie, 12407 Old Camden Road, Midland, N.C.


    • Michael Ichter and Mary Ring, both of Carrollton, Texas.

    • Joseph Truskolaski, Susquehanna, and Meghan Gilleran, Starrucca.

    • Jake Thriemer and Jamie Eastman, both of Montrose.

    • Levi Mitchell and Krysten Novakowski, both of Harford.

    • Russell Sircable and Jessica Alexander, both of Port Jervis, N.Y.

    • Jeramy Comer and Phylicia DeCicco, both of Susquehanna.

    • Kane John and Elizabeth Ceres, both of Scranton.

    • Thad Petersen and Ashley Hunt, both of Laceyville.

    • Harold Dibble III and Christa Scala, both of Conklin, N.Y.

    • Michael Granowski and Christy Humphrey, both of Hallstead.


    • Pearl Gottshall (by guardian) to John and Gail Abrama, a property in Choconut Twp. for $52,500.

    • Daniel and Amy Hadaway to Jared and Courtney Fowler, a property in Choconut Twp. for $115,000.

    • Ethel Whitney to Rhonda Ralston, a property in New Milford Twp. for $40,000.

    • Richard and Donna Passetti to Donald and Kathleen Bennett, a property in Ararat Twp. for $87,000.

    • Barbara Birchard to David and Kay Mack, a property in Choconut Twp. for $125,000.

    • Shirley Katchmore, Laura Vito to Scarlett Humphry, a property in Hallstead for $42,000.

    • David Daugherty to James Gasper, a property in Forest City for $120,000.

    • James and Tracy Searles to Devin Kowaleski, a property in Friendsville for $98,500.

    • John and Sonya Dyott (trust by trustee) to Douglas Jr. and Gay Wood, a property in Harmony Twp. for $85,000.

    • Virginia Durren and Dwight McBain to Jonathan Detwiler, a property in Jackson Twp. for $184,000.

    • Douglas and Lisa Higgins to Joshua Draves and Patricia Pierce, a property in Harford Twp. for $140,000.

    • Richard Barker to Alice Ballard, a property in Susquehanna for $39,000.

    • Fannie Mae to Mountainview Trust, a property in Jackson Twp. for $36,000.

    • Eleanor Pease (estate) to Thomas Osborne, a property in New Milford for $48,900.

    • Wayne and Loretta Hutchinson to Jeanine Olin, a property in Montrose for $127,000.

    • Getaway Land Co. LLC to Larry and Kevin Mostek, a property in Auburn Twp. for $85,000.

    • Paul Tomaine to Douglas and Patrycja Monro, a property in Ararat Twp. for $190,000.

    • Philip Jr. and Lauri Pass to Peter and Kristin Carrera, a property in Herrick Twp. for $320,000.

    • Sara VanCott to Ashley Jones, a property in Gibson Twp. for $85,000.

    • Rock Lake Inc. to P. Scott and Deborah Baldwin, a property in New Milford Twp. for $206,405.

    • Jean and Jonathan White to Dave and Kendra Darrow, a property in Montrose for $150,000.

    • Adele Philippides and Kevin Mock to Timothy Gordon, a property in Dimock Twp. for $214,900.

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  • 07/01/16--21:00: Court notes 7/2/16
  • John C. Parada to Pablo Franco, $74,000; Wilkes-Barre.

    Michael V. Holt et al. to National Residential Nominee Services Inc., $182,500; Avalanche Drive, Butler Township.

    National Residential Nominee Services Inc. to Kyle R. Atchison et al., $182,500; Avalanche Drive, Butler Township.

    Dolores Cyprich et al. to Mary Patricia Makalusky, $98,000; West Wyoming.

    Vincent Siracuse et al. to Carron Jett, $165,000; Davenport Street, Dallas Township.

    Jennie Murray to Theodore C. Webb et al., $148,700; Exeter.

    Beth Berney et al. to Robert Orner II, $118,000; Salem Township.

    John A. Yeagley et al. to Patrick K. Long, $127,300; Randy Court, Butler Township.

    Steven R. Chapin et al. to Kenneth W. Conklin et al., $94,000; Nescopeck.

    Betty Jane George et al. to Conyngham Borough, $152,000; Butler Avenue, Conyngham.

    Stephen E. Kaschenbach et al. to Anthony Gennusa et al., $122,000; Fairmount Township.

    Sisters of Mercy of the Americas Mid-Atlantic Community Inc. to Misericordia University, $130,000; Dallas Township.

    Richard G. Herman to Lukmstr LLC, $100,000; Pittston.

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  • 07/02/16--21:00: Marriage licenses 7/3/2016
  • Brittany Lynn Lefkoski and Cesar Hernandez.

    Joel F. Lora and Luz Andelki Alba Tayarez.

    Kelly Ann Bevilqua and Michael J. Tracy.

    Jamy Allen Blakeslee and Susan Marie Massakker.

    Nicole Hunsinger and Devin Joseph Schappert.

    Michael Loftus Desciak and Sarah Elizabeth Sabulski.

    Jillian Marie Falkowski and Anthony Edward Campbell.

    Steven Mark Bale and Jennifer Lynn Frusciante.

    Hoang The Nguyen and Ai Van Thi Le.

    Victor M. Perez and Fransheska Marie Serrano Tosado.

    Emily Ann Rentmeister and Joshua Thomas Bortz.

    Lissette C. Pena and Christopher J. Vale.

    Mariah Denean Pearson and Allahreal Juwan Allah.

    Timothy Curtis Royer and Elizabeth A. Lazarsky.

    Tara Jean Byrnes and Matthew David McLaughlin.

    Alicia Nicole Lewis and Stephen Aubrey Williamson.

    Krystle Lynn Mankins and Curtis Edward Depuy.

    Ramon Luis Reyes and Francine Christine Powell.

    Nina Gabriella Dominck and Juris Petersons.

    Paul R. Millifan and Kyla Celeste Sepulveda.

    Stephen Michael Potter and Michaela Gabrielle Marino.

    Erik Alan Wildoner and Jaclyn Cherie Myers.

    Felisha Marie Dennis and Brandon Raymond Cropp.

    Nicholas Lee Cibulish and Marly Jessenia Mendoza.

    Manolin Pujols Tejeda and Maria Nelis Zoquier Ortiz.

    Andrea Nava Saldivar and Juana Vergara Tiatenchi.

    Constance Marie Femea and Brandon Louis Munett.

    Jose A. Garcia-Gomez and Feliciana Mejia.

    David Louis Hughes and Kalyn Louise Rosengrant.

    Miguel Angel Torres and Amanda Lea Emel.

    Stephanie Lee Vogt and Scott Arlen Payne.

    Frederick Charles Ebbecke and Cheryl Ann Faux.

    Traci Lynn Zacharias and Eric Ryan Smith.

    Michael Hester and Athena Constantopoulos.

    Kevin Dale Delong and Barbara Ann Halcisak.

    Nicole Lee Luchetta and Mark Allen Rump.

    Ann Marie Rose Hufford and John Delbert Kivler.

    Robert Lawrence Gawlas and Theresa R. Kloeker.

    Joel Rojas Villanuva and Gaby Rosa Campos Sanchez.

    Cristina Luna and Nestor Cruz Galicia.

    Elizabeth Colon Feliciano and Eric Javier Acevedo Torres.

    Erica Lynn Suitch and Scott M. Henry.

    David John Washinski and Paige Ann Koncewicz.

    Erik D. Sharkey and Tiffany M. Huttenstine.

    Alec John Gordon Baird and Brenda Alicia Burkhardt.

    Katherine Ann Swiatek and David John McConaghy.

    Jeffrey G. Hodge and June Anne Michelle McQueen.

    Barry Seiwell and Donalda Marie Loucks.

    William Joseph Pepe and Nancy Teresa.

    Russel Daniel Burger and Alysha Marie Bradfor.

    Eddy A. Ortega and Maria E. Vicioso-Polanco.

    Mikhail Mikhaylovich Kosto and Alla Pavlina Morgun.

    Mark Edward Paisley and Jaclyn Leigh Butala.

    Tiffany Allison Zobaski and Maximillian Manju Mukerjee.

    Manuel Vasquez and Chanelle del Rosario Guzman.

    Isaiah David Musto and Michelle Lauren Urban.

    Annmarie Rose Scott and Ronald Richard Mawson Jr.

    Brian Christopher Lavan and Lyndsay Nicole Shook.

    Jessica Ann Stokes and Charles Francis Gallagher.

    Antionette Marie Brogna and Ryan Eric Flynn.

    Kelsey Marie Landis and Todd Matthew Grove.

    Jack O’Mara and Nurleli Susetiyo.

    Brian James Edwards and Renee Elaine Sipple.

    Roman David Reyes and Elaine Marie Hampton.

    John Anthony Rowlands and Tanya Kassner.

    Tovey Rose Ader and Vincent Allan Olson.

    Jennifer Ann Heller and David Joseph Watkins Jr.

    Nicole Lynn Cooper and William J. Colbert.

    Dwight M. Williams and Sabreen Williams.

    Leroy Fair Jr. and Shante L. Thomas.

    Pernell Riddick and Carolina Caro.

    Patrick John Maloney and Mara Anne McKeown.

    Marcia S. Dennis and Ariel Coimbra.

    Holly Lynn Hoffman and Dale E. Harris.

    Patricia Ann Alishusky and George Thomas Gushanas.

    Michael H. Buck and Coleen Bell.

    Vernon Otto Rinker and Deborah Annette Bellas.

    Gerald Joseph Feissner and Kimberly Heather Fuentes.

    Jasaan Lavar Walker and Samea Tee Haywood.

    Joseph Sheerer and Lori Pagnozzi.

    Daineri A. Lombert and Miguel Antonio Nieves.

    Brian Louis Shields and Angela Alexis Dorse.

    Susan Anne Trombetta and James G. Patterson.

    Kaitlyn Jeanne Purdy and Carl Stravinski.

    Rachel Capitano and Ronald Thomas Moran Jr.

    James Scott Silfee and Christopher Joseph Voveris.

    Aubre M. Mayorowski and Keith Michael Snyder.

    Alicia Marie Beck and Michael James Derwin.

    Matthew James Michaels and Molly Kathryn Greenawalt.

    Christopher David Drum and Carolynn Marie Diehl.

    Rachel Lynette Allen and Joseph Phillip Vanik.

    Frederick J. Kiwak and Wenjuan Li.

    John Joseph Nice and Jennifer Susan Dietterick.

    Franklin Oscar Anziani and Maciel Isabel Valdez.

    Rhian Arlene Davailus and Patrick Stephen Singer.

    Marcia Kay Pippel and Peter William Steffen.

    John Joseph Jablonski and Rita Ives.

    James Joseph Casey Jr. and Helen Rachel Jenkins.

    Timothy Anthony Thompson and Beth Ann Davis.

    Joseph Patrick Stuppino and Kristen Elizabeth Thompson.

    Maria Helene Parker and Daniel Lynn Weaver.

    Shawn Michael O’Donnell and Amanda Catherine Mae Kripp.

    Danielle Marie Martinez and Samantha Alexandra Melici.

    Kathryn Marie Gushanas and William D. Wilk.

    Andrew Jack Stout and Brandon Bryce Martin.

    Nicole Mary Flaherty and Kyle James Emerick.

    Samantha Lynn Anderson and James Marquese McCree.

    Frace Marie Mike and Kyle Edward Fillenwarth.

    Jason David Heppding and Alyssa Marie Urbanski.

    Robert Anthony Gonos and Linda Marie Lockhart.

    Michele Delvon Wilson and Andre Lamont Stroman.

    Brent Ralph Oliver III and Janelle Allison Culver.

    Kristen Marie Nardone and Douglas John Boyd.

    Breanne Whitney Herman and David Jerome Hoogstad Jr.

    Adam Thomas Layaou and Jill Marie Zack.

    Kenneth Robert Spencer Jr. and Linda Marie Bonsavage.

    Jean Marc Leonard and Sonia Petit Frere.

    Heather Marie Smith and Alfred Alonzo Mayo.

    David N. Patterson and Corrine M. Manuel.

    Amith Abraham Madhavaram and Archana Thummala.

    Donald Charles King Jr. and Yvonne A. Welch.

    Theresa Mary Tavaris and Nathan Robert Myers.

    James Joseph Gallageher and Jacyln Victoria Englehardt.

    Alexis Lyn Maroney and Mitchell Alan Henry.

    Sarah Elizabeth Luvener and Marcus Jamal Henry Newman.

    0 0
  • 07/03/16--21:00: Court notes
  • Carol J. Douds to David F. Walsh et al., $365,000; Jackson Township.

    V Mortgage Reo 2 LLC et al. to Peter G. Lei, $89,900; Warren Avenue, Kingston.

    Erica I. Mattei to Andrew M. Holter et al., $154,000; Hilltop Manor, Laflin.

    Marilyn L. Meir to Anthony M. Holter et al., $89,900; Hazle Township.

    Gail Hittle et al. to Eileen Schwartz, $85,000; Hunlock Township.

    Christine Suzanne Krumich to Jason G. Forlenza, $135,000; Bear Creek Township.

    Mariclaire T. Thresten to Surood R. Najib et al., $370,000; Dallas.

    Linda M. Schreiber to James M. Hynes et al., $140,000; Conyngham.

    Ann Passan to Nicholas Finsterbusch, $175,000; Bear Creek Township.

    Lakewood Development Company Inc. to Robert N. Opel II et al., $420,000; Dallas Township.

    Stonehaven Associates L.P. to KCA Realty LLC, $1,250,000; Wilkes-Barre Township.

    Anthony J. Pisano et al. to Watkins and Son’s Ventures LLC, $75,000; Pittston.

    Randall J. Xenakis et al. to Yuchi Zu, $295,000; Dallas Township.

    Federal National Mortgage Association et al. to Katherine A. May, $85,000; Sorber Mountain Road, Lake Township.

    Rosaline Eisenstadt et al. to Yousef Baras, $260,000; Kingston.

    Cecilia Godula et al. to William J. Waters et al., $117,000; Plains Township.

    Jeffrey Dunn et al. to Maxmade Holdings LLC, $100,000; Pittston.

    Julian Torres v. Judith Mol.

    Bonnie M. Greenwood v. Kenneth S. Greenwood.

    Gwen Judith Harleman v. Michael Ray Harleman.

    David C. Coles v. Julia Coles.

    Christine M. Weed v. Jeffrey D. Weed.

    Shannon Dietrich v. Daniel Dietrich.

    Luis Y. Jimenez Bueno v. Sunelba Veras.

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  • 07/05/16--21:00: Court Notes
  • Betty Parrish to Edward Mutter Jr., $100,000; Dawes Avenue, Kingston.

    Robert G. Finlay et al. to Nicole Farber, $345,000; Dallas Township.

    Robert J. Yurkanin et al. to Edward A. Sienkiewicz Jr. et al., $122,000; Avoca.

    Gail Cooney et al. to Diane Brodginski, $81,550; Newport Township.

    Adam K. Reynolds et al. to Alan Rawlings et al., $100,000; Forty Fort.

    Michelle Wells to James B. Kaskiel et al., $84,000; Plains Township.

    Michele Carter et al. to Laurie A. Wujick, $95,500; Exeter.

    Shelia Ann Bonawitz to Anthony Priore, $115,000; Kingston Township.

    Anthony Shulde et al. to Vipul Patel et al., $218,000; Rice Township.

    Kathy S. Millington et al. to Robert Guzenski et al., $136,000; Franklin Township.

    Jay L. Smith et al. to Wayne A. Paskel et al., $80,000; Salem Township.

    Gary T. Braskey et al. to Roni A. Vegazo, $88,400; West Hazleton.

    0 0
  • 07/06/16--21:00: Court notes 7/7/16
  • Robert C. Houck et al. to Dylan E. Briggs et al., $360,000; Nescopeck Township.

    Betty Parrish to Edward Mutter Jr., $100,000; Kingston.

    Robert J. Yurkanin et al. to Edward A. Sienkiewicz Jr. et al., $122,000; Avoca.

    Gail Cooney et al. to Diane Brodginski, $81,500; Newport Township.

    Adam K. Reynolds et al. to Alan Rawlings et al., $100,000; Forty Fort.

    Michelle Wells to James B. Kaskiel et al., $84,000; Plains Township.

    Michele Carter et al. to Laurie A. Wucik, $95,500; Exeter.

    Sheila Ann Bonawitz to Anthony Priore, $115,000; Kingston Township.

    Robert G. Finlay et al. to Nicole Farber, $345,000; Dallas Township.

    0 0
  • 07/07/16--21:00: Court notes 7/8/16
  • Anthony Shulde et al. to Vipul Patel et al., $218,000; Rice Township.

    Jay L. Smith et al. to Wayne A. Paskel et al., $80,000; Salem Township.

    Kathy S. Millington et al. to Robert Guzenski et al., $136,000; Franklin Township.

    Aaron J. Stout to Earl S. Matthews et al., $104,000; Salem Township.

    Gerard F. Pompey et al. to Justin D. Lada et al., $230,000; West Wyoming.

    Donald H. Elly et al. to David Coats et al., $322,500; Nuangola.

    Carl Thomashunas et al. to Gregory Dent, $107,000; Exeter Township.

    BSFF Inc. to SJPI Inc. et al., $70,000; Wilkes-Barre.

    Nina Davidowitz et al. to Jeffrey C. Bowne, $174,000; Dallas.

    Richard H. Evans et al. to Christina J. Williams, $75,000; Ross Township.

    T&M Transit, Inc. to John McLaughlin et al., $230,00; Larksville.

    Kyle Atchison et al. to Steven Lee et al., $113,000; Plymouth.

    0 0
  • 07/08/16--21:00: Court notes 7/9/16
  • AMS Renovations LLC to Edward J. Bosavage et al., $132,000; Exeter.

    James B. Sebolka et al. to Sam Gomez et al., $117,000; Kingston.

    Robert A. Williams to Brendan C. Fitzpatrick et al., $250,000; Butler Township.

    Kristopher P. Nardi et al. to Kristen L. Lewis, $115,000; Lehman Avenue, Dallas.

    Kevin J. Doughtery to Selena Lexie, $113,900; Nanticoke.

    Thomas M. DeCurtis to Eric Joseph Jacobs et al., $90,000; Carverton Road, Kingston Township.

    Joseph W. Cheek to Jeremy C. Allen et al., $265,000; Pringle.

    Joanne Post et al. to Daniel Post, $120,000; Park and Bond Avenue, Swoyersville.

    0 0
  • 07/09/16--21:00: Marriage Licenses
  • Amy Lee Gostynski and Richard Paul Lenahan.

    Kimberly Ann Wolfe and Christopher Loren Casey.

    John Francis McNichol Jr. and Deborah Jean Wychock.

    Janine Marie Mitkus and Ian Robert Smith.

    Lauren E. Davis and Cody Wayne Moulder.

    Pablo Cruz Dominguez and Emma Cardona Ruiz.

    Joseph John Ranieli and Roby Ann Ziska.

    Noah Michael Stavish and Keri Lynn Irace.

    Jeffrey Robert Zaruta and Victoria Nicole Moses.

    Gennessys Diaz Delacruz and Miguel Rafael Cabrera.

    Robin Rachel Razawich and Michael Ernest Chiapuzzi.

    Jeffrey Joseph Pascavage and Nicole Slivoski.

    Hannah Noreen Ryman and John Peter Mentrikoski.

    Kimberly Ann Marie Pisarcik and Daniel William Varney.

    Jennifer May Menedez and Nicole Lynn Hall.

    Kaitlyn Lorraine Nesbitt and Jason Lee Bond.

    Michelle Gross and David Allan Popish.

    Christopher Joseph Wolfe and Kyle Justin Dunlap.

    Jadira Sosa and Edwin Octavio Salas.

    Steven Thomas Chambers and Ashley Elizabeth Gensel.

    Ramon Antonio Lombay Jr. and Alba Iris Espinosa.

    Tania Marie Burton and Anthony D. Artmont Jr.

    Nancy Marie Derby and David Viti.

    Sandra Ann Zurek and Aaron Shaw.

    Hali Lynn Ashford and Russell Lewis Storm.

    David Anthony Villano Jr. and Lisa Ancilla Metz.

    Alania Wanko and Patrick Horbas.

    Kristy Marie Blizzard and Ian Mark Linsinbigler.

    Nina O. Mattioli and Nicholas Robert Sapiego.

    Kelly Jean Wynder and Christopher Allen Rodgers.

    Edward Prues Gruenemeier Jr. and Penny Lynn Moore.

    Heather Lynn Frazier and Joshua Stephen Breha.

    Alexis Jule Monahan and Jason Allen Keisling.

    Kelsey Ann George and Omar Donnadieu Mercado.

    Mark Daubert and Mary Elizabeth Kerechanin.

    Robert Gerorge Smith Jr. and Kelly Anne Christison.

    Luis E. Tavarez-Morell and Arianny Domitila de Leon Pena.

    Gregory Michael Petrosky and Stephanie Marie Rivera.

    Katherine Victoria and Hector Luis Zamora.

    Melanie Joy Briggs and Stephen Edwards Thomas.

    Ashley Lynn Huttenstine and Matthew Thomas Rimbey.

    Rene Antonio Cruz III and Stephanie Ann Skitzki.

    Frank Edward Schmidt and Ann Marie Kapes.

    James William Czerniakowski and Danielle Marie Serafin,

    Ryan Charles Lipkin and Sandra Ann Federici.

    Mario Cristian Lied and Sonia Soler.

    Ceneida Batista de Claudio and Dionisio Reyes Cruz.

    Jonathon Richard Boyd Jr. and Rebecca Lyn Williams.

    Sean Patrick Carey and Leslie Marie Ginocchietti.

    Eliezer Pelagio Torres and Cassandra Marie Dwyer.

    Dana Marie Smith and Charles R. Krape.

    Christine Pacelli and Amanda Annette Padden.

    Jennifer Lynn Narsavage and Joseph F. Goas Jr.

    Ashley Nicole Chaump and Angel Louis Quintana.

    Juan Francisco Ramos Jorge and Cellyna Fernandez.

    Jason Robert Jurbala and Melanie Ann Rodriquez.

    Shannan Mae Robinholt and Richard Paul Lord Jr.

    Juana Alvino and Ernesto Rodriguez.

    Jennifer Nicole Budihas and David Joseph Weaver.

    Felixavier Estrada and April S. Negron.

    Staci Lynn Ranieli and Ross John Giarratano.

    Mirta Rodriguez and Umbery Rafael Santos.

    Charlene Sabella Ulla and Robert Stevens Birk.

    Griselda Altagracia Estrella and Ariel Oscar Nevarez Tejeda.

    Michael Alan Smith and Rayna Marie Knight.

    David Michael Krape and Maricruz Mota.

    Richard Michael Belotti and Sherry Sue Waldron.

    Megan L. Andrasko and Justin A. Buchman.

    Robert Jay Joseph Gebo and Michelle Abbatantuono.

    Meggan Gray and Charles Scott Hoover.

    Sean Robert Kimball and Mary O’Connor.

    Michael Joseph Miller and Cailin Elizabeth Grunewald.

    Eddy Gonzalez Sr. and Rodica Mogoreanu.

    Jesse William Ruppert and Jamie Oley.

    Daniella A. Calxton and Rodolfo Plascencia de la Cruz.

    Danielle Lin Julian and Jon Charles Altemose.

    Kyle William Perry and Sara Marie Vnuk.

    Bobbi Jo Morgan and John George Barna.

    Andrew Thomas Olshefski and Lauren Ashley Parrish.

    Victoria Christine Fulk and James William Hall.

    David Adam Petroski and Romayne Ann Kmetz.

    Kiel J. O’Boyle and Rebecca Rose Hall.

    Romy Starky Paredes and Innette Noemi Quinones.

    Dennis John Devine and Sylvia Juanita Hileman.

    Heather Marie Browski and Brian Matthew Oliphant.

    James J. Dillon and Karlene E. Yozwiak.

    Melanie Joy Skotch and Charles Robert Suppon Jr.

    Joshua John Green and Audrey Elizabeth Reed.

    Susan Malacarne and Mark Anthony Yeninas.

    Ann Marie Kohut and Jonathan Randall Williams.

    Desiree Marie Williams and Lee Gary Shaffer.

    Andrea N. Fetty and Christopher John Morgan.

    Cheri Yannuzzi and George P. Platukis III.

    David Frank Hudzik and Janet E. Pisaneschi.

    Patricia Ann Slezak and George Charles Chester.

    Sarah E. Deem and Keven Young Derolf.

    Yvonne Rafelina Cadena Gonzalez and Emmanuel Baez Perez.

    Patricia Lynn Lavelle and Jason Alan Gardener.

    Rachel Elizabeth Michos and Charles Joseph Salvo.

    Matthew Watkin Petroiski and Sarah Rebecca Banks.

    Mariah Jean Cooper and Klynt Robert Jones.

    Janelle Marie Peters and Tyler Robert Morris.

    Monique M. Gliem and Kenneth Cameron Wills.

    Grismal Mena Almanzar and Miguel Angel Martinez.

    Jessica Marie Leshko and Justin Francis Horvath.

    Sandra Cintron Castellano and Luis Gregorio Arias Baez.

    Kendal Marie Kanjorski and Matthew R. Smith.

    Lauren Margaret Smith and Brien Speck.

    Jose Roberto Mejia and Arianny Domitila de Leon Pena.

    Luis Felipe Cruz Cartagena and Karen Elizabeth Ramos Lopez.

    Laure Elizabeth Hummel and Justin Stephen Darrow.

    Alexia Julio Almonte Moran and Rosario Altagracia Caba Vargas.

    Samantha Lee Laskowski and James William Murphy.

    Charles A. Jobst IV and Christie Nicole Manashirova.

    Katelin Marie Pallone and David Lowe Hampton.

    Danielle Marie Evans and John Jerome Hirko Jr.

    Jose Lion Garcia de la Cruz and Rosa Bella Leyva de la Cruz.

    Corrine Kester and Alan Joseph Derr Jr.

    Sandra Genevieve Steffy and Michael Joseph Fasciana.

    Eluini Francisco Guzman Rodriguez and Yasmil Hilario-Taveras.

    Gerald Charles Passerrello and Lisa Rebecca Passeri.

    John Lawton and Karen Christine Brozowski.

    Damaria Sanchez and Thomas Alfred Leone.

    Kristi Lee Miller and Shannon Edward Slusser.

    Allison May Morales and Robert Emmet Davis.

    Carla Danielle Durkin and Marc Joseph Schulz.

    Tara Lee Cox and Christopher Joseph Hornick.

    Kelly Bone and Alexander Argenio.

    Madeline Johanna and Holguin and Andres Ramirez.

    Lizbeth Pimentel and Marcelino Reyes Paulino.

    Jennifer Marx and Thomas Allen Discala.

    Laura Wascavich and Ryan Hardiman.

    James Rocco McGrady and Stefanie Joy Salavantis.

    Kyra Elizabeth Phair and DAvid B. Yezefski.

    KareninRoman-Martinez and Josue Pagan-Adorno.

    Holly Marie Zalinski and Jesse Kavetski.

    Jacqueline Raelene Gryskevicz and Michael William Waslin.

    Rick A. Lesoine and Elizabeth Kosmetatos.

    Marci Lynn Price and Brian Wayne Floyd.

    Mark Anthony Kondraski and Krysta Lynn Smith.

    Rachel Jane Finch and Jason Kenneth Harding.

    Mark C. Dietrich and Joyce M. Dietrich.

    Farukh Parvez Shroff and Heidi Decoux Giron.

    Miguel Angel Leon II and Amber Lea Gonzalez.

    Jessica Lynn Demler and Billy Edward Shultz.

    Kristie Lee Heald and Edward Russell Williams III.

    Anthony Joseph Biscotto and Amy Elizabeth Dessoye.

    0 0
  • 07/13/16--21:00: Court notes 7/14/16
  • John Fixl et al. to Robert L. Lange et al., $206,000; Fairview Township.

    George E. Albert et al. to Betty J. Them et al., $315,000; Jenkins Township.

    Eric J. Feussner to Brandon Z. Fennell et al., $157,000; Butler Township.

    Joyce Ann Chunko to Paul Eugene Hendricks et al., $117,500; Hazle Township.

    Steven R. Perry et al. to Guy V. Scatton, $154,000; Butler Township.

    Dennis Fernandez et al. to Robert Sitkowski Jr. et al., $245,000; Kingston Township.

    Mary E. Stull to Melinda Sue Jones et al., $188,000; Dallas.

    0 0
  • 07/14/16--21:00: Court notes 7/15/16
  • Judge Tina P. Gartley, presiding over Luzerne County Domestic Relations Contempt Court on Thursday, ordered the following defendants jailed for failure to pay child support:

    Damien Smith, 220 E. Willow St., Plymouth, $38,272; six months.

    Robert Newman, 269 Church St., Kingston; $2,718; six months.

    Christopher Martin, 512 N. Main St., Wilkes-Barre; $2,263; 90 days.

    Warrants were issued for the following defendants for failure to pay child support:

    Mark Brown Jr., 1037 Salem Blvd., Berwick; $1,450.

    Jason Brown, 131 E. Water St., Lock Haven; $1,486.

    Floyd Wiest Jr., 1300 Whitetail Lane, Dauphin; $5,810.

    Saturday Crump, 531 Luzerne St., Freeland; $3,318.

    Matthew J. Griesing, 436 E. Walnut St., Hazleton; $618.

    Charles Martino,, 311 Rose St., Unit 4, West Hazleton; $550.

    Carlos Flores, Apt. 2, 872 Penn Court, Hazleton; $1,544.

    Donald George, 36 Moyallen St., Wilkes-Barre; $862.

    Anyone with information on those listed is asked to call the Luzerne County Domestic Relations tipline at 570-606-3000.

    Michael Dobosh et al. to Robert Orlando et al., $90,280; Exeter.

    William F. Gunshannon et al. to Dominick J. Aritz Jr., $82,000; Luzerne.

    William R. Hauze et al. to Casandra Creasy et al., $100,000; Freeland.

    David P. Hozempa et al. to Elizabeth Rose Janoski et al., $134,000; Dallas.

    Melanie M. Cunningham et al. to Yesenia Abad Tavarez, $110,000; North Vine Street, Hazle Township.

    Michael H. Baker et al. to Kevin S. Palmeter et al., $240,000; Kingston Township.

    0 0
  • 07/15/16--21:00: Court notes 7/16/16
  • Margaret Kostick to Joseph D. Galeski et al., $124,000; Courtright Street, Pringle.

    Christopher Scott Mooney to Nicholas A. Musto et al., $158,000; Fairview Township.

    William B. McLean to Kevin L. Foster et al., $71,000; Kingston Township.

    Hans P. Cassagnol et al. to Jeffrey Sodergren et al., $350,000; Robbins Way, Fairview Township.

    Michael W. Zavrotny et al. to King’s College, $165,000; West North Street, Wilkes-Barre.

    Thomas M. McGeehan et al. to Charles D. Panas et al., $150,000; Fairview Township.

    Graham Ross et al. to Kerry Swiech, $315,000; Fairview Township.

    Michael D. Popp to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc., $212,000; Juniper Lane, Butler Township.

    Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Daniel A. Violett, $212,000; Juniper Lane, Butler Township.

    Elizabeth Kamenar to Kimberly A. Ranieli, $115,000; Rice Township.

    Selim Nesimi to Saint Joseph Corporation, $90,000; Hazleton.

    Anthony J. Golumeski et al. to Joseph Chlubicki Jr., $125,000; Murray Street, Forty Fort.

    Wilkes-Barre Center Associates et al. to Wilkes-Barre Square LP, $4,000,000; Wilkes-Barre.

    Thomas J. Mallis to Thomas M. Gill et al., $335,000; Bear Creek Township.

    Eagle Rock Resort Co. to Patrick Nganga Muchiri et al., $88,977.24; Black Creek Township.

    Jerry Brown v. Patti Brown.

    Lori Lynn Lagana-Terry v. William Curran Terry.

    Monique Rogaski v. William L. Rogaski Jr.

    Judy A. Delaney v. John J. Delaney.

    Mary Grander Paulino v. Leonel Paulino.

    Robert Norton v. Tracey Jean Norton.

    Randal Albertson v. Tanya Edna Albertson.

    Matthew Harris v. Erica White.

    Janet Gendimenico v. James Brian Gendimenico.

    Lydia Cheryl Newell v. Fleter Alexander Newell.

    Angela Kaczmarczyk v. David Paul Kaczmarczyk.

    Louis A. Roman v. April M. Roman.

    Kelly Horning v. James Horning.

    Charles Ambroc v. Brenda Houghtaling-Ambroc.

    Richard Mills v. Danielle Lamoreaux.

    Janell T. Cawley v. Frank T. Cawley.

    0 0
  • 07/18/16--21:00: Court Notes 7/19/16
  • Judge Tina P. Gartley, presiding over Luzerne County Domestic Relations Contempt Court on Monday, ordered the following defendants jailed for failure to pay child support:

    Brett Cooley, 34 Maple St., Dallas, $5.202; three months.

    Warrants were issued for the following defendants for failure to pay child support:

    Christopher Weiss, 190 Church St., Edwardsville; $8,594.

    Anyone with information on those listed is asked to call the Luzerne County Domestic Relations tipline at 570-606-3000.


    Luzerne County Sheriff et al. to Frederick H. Michael, $80,000; Subyak Road, Dorrance Township.

    David Yarmey to Ruth A. Hughes, $208,000; Penn Lake Park.

    0 0
  • 07/20/16--21:00: Court notes 7/21/16
  • Michelle Trzcinski Stine v. Dale Stine.

    Diane M. Brody v. Robert P. Brody.

    Brian Siewll to Zigmund Thomashunis et al., $81,000; Plains Township.

    William Cogan et al. to Marcie L. Cox et al., $85,107; Kingston.

    Kenneth J. Temborski et al. to Ernest L. Patterson et al., $141,500; Sugarloaf Township.

    Edward M. Harvilla et al. to Yaney Cerda, $100,000; Hazleton.

    Wanderlust Ventures and Holding Co. LLC to Milagros Pina Almanzar, $72,000; Hazleton.

    Grant Chyko et al. to Michael V. Bannon et al., $190,000; Butler Township.

    Christopher L. Borton et al. to Catharina Litjens, $213,000; Forty Fort.

    Christopher John Costa et al. to Antoinette Bulgaris et al., $140,000; Hollywood Avenue, Plains Township.

    Antoinette M. Bulgaris to Laura Bulgaris et al., $160,000; Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming.

    Karen Nancy Walter to Stephanie Marie Marcin, $152,000; Moretown Road, Lake Township.

    0 0
  • 07/21/16--21:00: Court notes 7/22/16
  • Luz W. Viera to Juan C. Pena et al., $83,000; West Samuels Avenue, Hazleton.

    Catherine Menichini et al. to Christine Menichini, $100,000; Pittston Township.

    Frank McHenry et al. to Osman Colindres, $75,000; Wilkes-Barre.

    Michael Havey et al. to Eugene Jakuboski et al., $120,000; Newport Township.

    Eagle Rock Resort Co. to Joseph E. Shirley et al., $72,350.13; Hazle Township.

    Jeffrey M. Breznak et al. to Jashua Brito et al., $94,000; Hazle Township.

    William J. Horan to Dennis L. Fernandes et al., $121,000; Plains Township.

    Josefina Beato to Brian R. Pichardo, $72,800; Hazle Township.

    Nicholas Musto to Jeffrey Diano et al., $252,000; Fairview Township.

    Criag Lutz to Valerie R. Aquino, $165,000; Butler Township.

    Megan Hudlock v. Jonathan Hudlock.

    Vilma Rodriguez v. Tomas Amaya.

    Tanayia Blackmon v. Jason Jefferson.

    0 0
  • 07/22/16--21:00: Court notes 7/23/16
  • Paulina Reyes Hernandez v. Amilcar Arroyo.

    Ken L. Pollock Inc. et al. to Sphere International LLC, $265,000; South Main Street, Wilkes-Barre.

    Denise D. Evans et al. to Daniel Slade Lykens, $120,000; Kingston.

    Paul J. Placek et al. to Timothy Slezak et al., $200,500; Pittston Township.

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